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Health License

Chambersburg Health Department Applications

Application for Retail Food Facilities
Use if new facility, new food business, remodeling existing facility, change of food service, etc.

Renewal Application for Permanent Retail Food Facility
Use for the yearly renewal of a permanent retail food facility.

Application for Mobile Food Facilities
Detailed Application if mobile facility is based within the Borough of Chambersburg

Application for a Temporary Retail Food License
Any Vendor operating in Chambersburg must get a License to operate / this includes Mobile Food Facilities licensed outside the Borough of Chambersburg.



General Food Safety Information

Barehand Contact Flyer

Self-Service Bulk Food Display Flyer

Animals on the Premise of a Food Facility

Temperature Control for Cut Leafy Greens

Food Thermometer Fact Sheet

Disposal of Potentially Hazardous Food Infographic 

Food Protection Fundamentals Information

Food Temperature Chart for Safe Food Infographic

Guidelines for the Safe Handling of Beverages

Product Sample Guidelines

Brewed Tea Guidelines

Requirements for Home Food Processors

Safe Refrigerator Storage Infographic

ServSafe Requirement Information 


Farmer's Market and Open Air Dining Information

Farmer's Market and Farm Stand Guidelines

Donated Baked Goods Fact Sheet

Farmer's Market Guide to Licensing and Sales Tax

Farmer's Market Community Support Agriculture (CSA) Information

Open Air Market Food Protection Information

Open Air Dining and Beverage Service


Temporary Facility Information

Pre-Event Checklist for Temporary Facilities

Handwashing Requirements for Temporary Events

Pre-Operational Guidelines for Temporary Food Facilities



Inspection Report Available by Request Poster



Food Employee Certification

Eat Safe - Food Safety 

FDA Food Code