Where the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code
and Municipal Codes Form an Alliance
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Who We Are

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance is a team of experienced and qualified professionals committed to serving the needs of municipalities, property owners, contractors, and others by providing reliable, expert, and professional code and ordinance administration and enforcement.

In July 2023, we partnered with SAFEbuilt, a community development services company, to continue providing the highest levels of community development services, expertise, and resources to various municipal and public agencies.

What We Do

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance offers a comprehensive range of services to satisfy all of your municipal and building code needs including permitting, inspections, complaint resolution and code enforcement. We also provide continuing education in Construction Code. 

Contact Us

Please contact us if we can assist you. We are here to offer guidance in the process of applying for a Uniform Construction Code Permit. You can also have direct contact with our staff at one of our offices – click on the “Locations” page to find the office nearest you.