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and Municipal Codes Form an Alliance
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Permit Application Forms

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance is here to assist you through the application process. Use the applicable form below to start the process.

Single Family Dwelling or Residential Addition Packet
Includes the residential building permit application and supporting documentation

Application for a Residential Building Permit (Only)
Used for most residential building applications


Commercial Application Packet
Includes the commercial building application and supporting documentation

Commercial Permit Application (Only)
Used for new commercial construction or alterations to existing commercial structures


Demolition Permit Application Packet 
Includes the demolition permit application and supporting documentation

Demolition Application (Only)
Used for most demolition projects


Certificate of Occupancy Packet
Includes the Certificate of Occupancy application and supporting documentation

Certificate of Use and Occupancy Application (Only)
Used for any change of use or occupancy without any alterations to the structure

Request for Determination
Used for a change of Name or Ownership ONLY


Sign Application Packet
Includes the sign permit application and supporting documentation

Sign Permit Application (Only)
Permit application for signs


Flood Plain Development Application
Used for development in a flood plain


Annual Permit Application
This application can only be used for repairs and regular maintenance of existing systems (i.e. plumbing, electrical, mechanical, gas). A more detailed commercial application must be applied for when any alterations or replacement of existing system(s) is intended.


Permit Extension Request Form
Used when a building permit expires


Manufactured Home Permit Application Packet for New and Relocated Homes


Commercial Ramp Packet
Commercial permit application with supporting documentation for an accessible ramp

Commercial Tents/Canopies Application Packet


Pole Building Permit Application Packet


Land Use Permit Checklist
Overview of requirements and documents which may be required in your municipality in order to obtain a Land Use Permit


Day Care Packet
Day care application with supporting documentation


Worker's Compensation Application


Deck Permit Application Packet – Residential

Porch Roof Application Packet – Residential

Re-Roof Application Packet - Residential and Minimal Commercial 

Solar Permit Application Packet – Residential

Swimming Pool Application Packet – Residential


Pool Bonding – Creating an electrically safe environment for swimming pools per the NFPA (5 pages)

Pools, Hot Tubs, Spas and similar installations by Mike Holt (www.mikeholt.com) (24 pages)


Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction from the American Wood Council (55 pages)




Application for Retail Food Facilities
Use if new facility, new food business, remodeling existing facility, change of food service, etc.

Renewal Application for Permanent Retail Food Facility
Use for the yearly renewal of a permanent retail food facility.

Application for Mobile Food Facilities
Detailed Application if mobile facility is based within the Borough of Chambersburg

Application for a Temporary Retail Food License
Any Vendor operating in Chambersburg must get a License to operate / this includes Mobile Food Facilities licensed outside the Borough of Chambersburg.


For Chambersburg Health Department related documents, please see the bottom of this page